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The adoption fee for all our foster pets includes microchipping, desexing, first vaccination and flea and worming, lifetime registration, heart worm testing for dogs and FIV testing for cats if this has been done.


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Pixie is a pretty short haired calico torti with an unusual coloured coat.The black markings are only on one side. She is full of life and just loves chasing shoelaces, picking them up and playing tug of war with you, also likes batting table tennis balls back to you especially when she is inside her tunnel. She hardly meows except when she sees her food coming.(she is very food orientated) She loves exploring and has worked out how to use the cat flap.
Playing inside the cat tunnel is another big favourite. She dashes around when let out of her room and loves to ambush Cindy.

Pixie is shy with strangers at first but is a very smoochy girl once she trusts you and then she will give you head rubs & roll on her side for lots of pats. She enjoys being patted and brushed., She will let me pick her up onto my lap for a short time, although she is not a lap cat. Pixie is also friends with Scotty. If you throw a ping pong ball to Pixie, she will bat it back to you. She is full of life and can be seen dashing about the place when in a playful mood.

Pixie would be suited to a quiet home with no young children, and needs to be kept indoors out of the sun to avoid her pink nose getting skin cancer..
I found Pixie to be a lovely cat to care for, she is a real cutie and she makes me smile with her antics.
Pixie is located in Bexley