Acts of Cruelty

Acts of cruelty, abandoning kittens and leaving them to die in a plastic bag or bucket of water, are illegal under the act of prevention of cruelty to Animals Act. The current penalty in NSW for an individual are, maximum jail term of 5 years and maximum fine of $22000. SPRA&A encourages [...]


Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption’s

Raffle to be drawn at this event, Don’t miss out ! Buy your tickets now- see raffle page for details Come along and join in the fun! Please help us raise much needed funds to support our rescued pets. All money raised goes towards our large vet bills, emergency boarding and ongoing care of our [...]


Sponsor Gifts

“Gorgeous hand knitted cat with each 12 month pet sponsorship. Limited number of these one off cutie pies, so sponsor a pet and get yours, today”. For more information click here to contact Michelle

Every life is precious to us. We have a no kill policy.